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The Seven Keys to the Internet Kingdom

Significant changes are taking place in the security of the Domain Name System or DNS. DNS is what allows you to find websites in effect but it has certain security weaknesses. That is changing.

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If you haven’t heard this then listen now!

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How Benjamin Franklin dealt with haters.

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Slippery Slope


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Revolution in mobile phone speeds coming our way?

Unlikely any time soon but this is worth a read.

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Cutting Admin Rights mitigates 92% of security threats

Improving the security and thus the safety of computers and networks by removing Administration rights from local users is shown to be extremely effective.

Read more here.

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You have and AOL Account? This is worth a read…

I have frequently experienced problems emailing clients with AOL addresses. The problems tend not to persist but do recur. A more alarming issue is covered in PCPro by networking expert Steve Cassidy. If you are a small business read here to find out more.

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Who needs a free course in irrational behaviour?

Dan Ariely is known for his work in the area of irrational behaviour applying much of the results of research to salesĀ  and marketing amongst many other fields.

Now Duke University is running one of his introductory courses online FREE! Worth a look.

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A band worth watching…

Find them at The Shallows

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The man behind RSS

Dave Winer is the original developer of RSS the specification and technology behind music downloads, news aggregation and much more. He is currently working on content management using JavaScript which he has described as ‘exciting’.

A writer worth following. Scripting News

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